» Sartorial Collezioni 2012-13

Sartorial Collezioni 2012-13

Paresh Lamba’s newest collection, has been designed in keeping with the celebratory mode of his fifteen years in the fashion world. It is a rejoicing of the power of inspiration in the art of fashion, a trait held in high esteem by a culture that believes in the celebration of life itself. It is an embodiment of the style, sophistication and masculinity that pervades all of Lamba’s designs but this time around, he pushes the envelope with bolder silhouettes and fabrics that are sheer exquisiteness. This includes his Autumn-Winter collection for 2012 as well as his Spring-Summer collection for 2013.

Rocking the boat in blacks, are his evening wear, understated in their colour but striking in their silhouettes. With his red carpet looks and club-wear he incorporates striped jackets, and plaids of luxurious velvets that are sure to add that much sought after yet elusive dash of panache that every wardrobe needs. With his lounge-wear and beach-wear he uses soft fabrics in hues of blue, yellow and red, ideal for that feel of comfort, and sportive in their bold choice of colours. This time around the master of black has also included in the collection, suits of immaculate white that can be mixed, matched and worn at any time of the day. The sherwanis, designed for Lamba’s clientele of bride-grooms are impeccably tailored with exquisite embroidery on fabrics of plush paisley that are guaranteed to make any groom feel like a nawab and make his bride go weak in the knees.

Bold, ambitious and fabulous, Sartorial Collezioni is the collection to beat all collections (even by Lamba’s standards!) Exhibiting Lamba’s vision for fashion and his passion for perfection, this collection, has it all.

Photography by Haider Khan

Sartorial Collezioni Collection


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