The Designer

Paresh Lamba’s adolescent years in Jaipur has had an enduring influence on his work, setting the stage for a lifelong interest in fashion stories with abnormality flowing from them.

Paresh dreamt of a city where he would dress eloquent men in his signature style 20 years ago and has led his brand 'Paresh Lamba Signatures' to numerous collections & rave reviews across the country. After moving to Bangalore, Paresh shifted his attention to couture, drawing upon his self-taught fundamentals to create a singular personal style—elegant, irreverent, and utterly original.

For Paresh, fashion is more than just ornamental; each piece is a precious talisman, imbued with history and alive with meaning. The most fulfilling part of his work is knowing that his creations are both dear to those who possess them, and that his clients feel no less than exceptional in his styles and keep coming back for more.

Paresh Lamba Signatures couture Studios are located in Bangalore and Hyderabad and his Pret line is available on at Aza Online.